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The Rompa Group is your injection moulding and thermoforming specialist.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing and assembly of electronic components

Finished products – at Rompa we promise to supply you with the full package, including any inbuilt electronic components your product may require. We can take care of the design, development, production, assembly and implement PCBA. Your advantage is that we are your single point of contact for the entire process and that the various disciplines are kept in alignment, with optimum collaboration ensured throughout.

Our expertise covers a wide array of electronic products

For a large variety of plastic products we will also be able to provide the electronic components. Examples could be modern innovative shaving systems and leak alerts for the consumer market, industrial applications like smoke alarms, and several solutions in healthcare like prevention products for sleep apnoea. Of course there are plenty of other possibilities. If you inform us of your wishes, we can propose a tailor-made solution.

Our SMT-line area

Part of SMT line

Careful manufacturing of PCBAs

We produce printed circuit boards on our own SMT line, which has been fitted with advanced SMD placement systems, inspection equipment and IT testing systems. Assembly, including fitting in components, all takes place in a separate space where safe ESD-compliant conditions are maintained, which is kept free from static electricity. This enables us to guarantee the very highest degree of accuracy.

Read all about it in our whitepaper: 

SMT line

Reflow machine